Our Expertise.

Our goal is to deliver a complete solution to fulfill the costumors needs. Combining inhouse experience on a wide range of topics such as FPGA Design, Linux kernel and Userspace development, Image/Video processing,... We aim to deliver the most flexible solution possible. Thanks to our experience in the defense industry, your solution is developed with high testability in mind and delivered with full documentation.


Not only do we deliver complete solutions, if needed we also provide tailored trainings on topics such as: Linux development, Embedded systems and much more. This way knowledge can be shared inhouse and your teams will be able to maintain, improve and even design new software solutions.

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Bram en Benoit are a joy to work with. The combination of their incredible knowledge along with their positive attitude makes them a pleasure to work with. I would trust them with any of my embedded linux, video or image processing projects!

Alexander Soenen, Program Manager

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Bram Vlerick

An embedded software engineer specializing in bare-metal and linux kernel development. Somehow always ends up fixing ancient software. Worked at major consumer electronics and defense companies integrating and debugging hardware.

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Benoit Catteau

Expert Firmware engineer, specialized in image, video and signal processing. Algorithm enthousiast and FPGA developer. Also worked at major consumer electronics and defense companies, transforming questionable input data into impressive output.

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Jaskaran Sandhu

A Business Director with a strong technical background and an emphasis on transparent communication. Focussed on Opto/Precision Mechanics as an Aerospace engineer. Now focussing on business development, vision and roadmap. Impossible is not in his dictionary